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Wisconsin Gun Club Where Stray Bullet Struck Pregnant Woman May Re-Open

A Wisconsin gun club that was closed after a stray bullet hit a pregnant woman may be re-opening in the near future.

Raluca Buznea was 17-weeks pregnant when she was struck by a bullet that was fired at the Hartland Sportsmen’s Club in Delafield. She went on to deliver a healthy baby boy, but that has not helped to assuage fears that something similar may happen again.

Buznea was at the Delafield Brewhaus when a stray bullet went through the woods, over a hill and struck her just above her left hip.

“Around 5:30, I felt a big pain on my left side," Buznea said at the time. "Initially, I thought it was a kid with a soccer ball hitting me. I thought that because I was hit a couple of times with a soccer ball and I thought it was the same thing. So I was looking for the ball and the kid and I just realized, I don't have air. I was really breathless so I stood up and then my colleague said that the bullet fell down."

Buznea hasn’t been back to the restaurant since.

"We just thought it was an outrage that someone could be having dinner or drinks with co-workers and be shot from a gun range that was about six football fields away," said her attorney, Jason Abraham. “Her intention was never to worry if the club would be open or closed. Her main focus was just to make sure this never happened again."

New safety measures have been put in place at the club.

"There will be no unsupervised shooting going on,” said the Sportsmen’s Club’s attorney, Jeremy Levinson. “There will be someone who has the direct responsibility to make sure those ranges are used properly."

Delafield residents are undecided about whether the club should re-open, 620 WTMJ reported.

"I don't have any problems with them opening up again,” said Delafield resident Todd Wenzel. “That’s provided they put in provisions to make sure something like that doesn't happen again, because I also frequent the Brewhaus."

There will be a meeting in town on Wednesday about the issue.

Sources: 620 WTMJ, JS Online


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