Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz


Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin endorsed Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas for the GOP nomination. The announcement arrives one week before the state is set to hold its Republican primary.

On Mar. 29, Walker announced his endorsement with an official statement and an interview on a conservative Milwaukee radio program, POLITICO reports.

Walker entered the race to compete for the GOP nomination, but was among the first contenders to exit, dropping out in 2015. The governor declared Cruz “a principled constitutional conservative who understand that power belongs to the states -- and to the people -- and not bureaucrats in Washington.”

In his official statement, Walker praised Cruz for standing “up against the big government special interests,” and deemed the senator “the best-positioned candidate to both win the Republican nomination and defeat Hillary Clinton," according to POLITICO.

During his sit-down with radio host Charlie Sykes, Walker was adamant that he genuinely wanted Cruz to become president and not just deny current GOP front-runner Donald Trump the nomination.

“I wanted to make sure I was supporting someone … I wasn’t against someone,” Walker said. “I want to be for something.”

The Wisconsin governor will campaign on Cruz’s behalf leading up to the state's GOP primary on April 5.

The Cruz campaign designated Wisconsin as a pivotal battleground to deny Trump the delegates necessary to clinch the Republican nomination and to begin a momentum campaign that could propel the senator to winning the nod in a contested convention.

“Wisconsin is a critical state, the entire country right now is looking to the state,” Cruz said during a campaign event in Rothschild, WAOW reports.

“I’m a big, big fan of Scott Walker’s,” Cruz said. “He is a terrific governor, he’s a strong conservative, he has led this state very effectively.”

Meanwhile, on Mar. 29 the former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin voiced his endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich of Ohoio for the GOP nomination.

“I think a vote for Ted Cruz is actually a vote for Hillary Clinton,” Thompson told CNN. “I don’t think Ted Cruz could beat Hillary Clinton.”

Sources: CNNPOLITICO, WAOW / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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