Wisconsin Man Pleads Guilty In Donkey Sex Case


A 20-year-old Neillsville, Wisconsin, man was arrested for allegedly having sex with a donkey.

On Nov. 4, Gideon Swartzentruber pleaded guilty to having sex with an animal and was ordered to pay a fine and attend counseling. Later, however, he begged to be sent to jail and was given a 30-day sentence, the Daily Mail noted.

Swartzentruber was reportedly working in a barn when he decided to engage in intercourse with the donkey.

“He said that he kind of touched the donkey and was playing around being crazy,” a detective wrote, according to court records obtained by the Marshfield News Herald. When asked why he had sex with the animal, Swartzentruber said his “privates were out of control” and that he got “crazy” and “carried away.”

The young man said it was his first time doing anything of the sort, and that the donkey was not harmed by the act. Swartzentruber was caught by the donkey’s owner.

Sources: Daily Mail, Marshfield News Herald / Photo credit: Clark County Sheriff's Office via Daily Mail, bagsgroove/Flickr

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