Wisconsin Family Arrested For Running Drug House

Four Waukesha, Wisconsin, family members were accused of maintaining a drug trafficking business recently after police carried out an undercover investigation.

A detective and confidential informant went to the home on January 21st to purchase morphine pills with pre-recorded currency on two separate occasions. During the same day, the detective and confidential informant met Andrew Wapp III, the son, outside of a Target store. In surveillance footage, Wapp can be seen heading to the store’s parking lot and selling morphine pills.

Jessica Wapp, the daughter, admitted to police that drugs had been sold from the house for years and that she was surprised a search warrant hadn’t been ordered earlier. She added that her parents have a lot of medical issues, implying their motivation behind drug trafficking.

“I hope everything works out for my family,” Jessica Wapp said. “That’s all.”

According to neighborhood resident Sharon Thims, people were constantly going in and out of the Wapp’s home. Thims said she always knew something suspicious went on at the house.

“I opened the door and here is the SWAT Team and the Bomb Squad and there was an officer by my garage and up there and three unmarked squad cars,” Thims said. “It’s long overdue.”

When authorities searched the home, they found four safes with a number of pills, pill cutters and crushers, as well as a pipe for smoking marijuana. After the search, neighbors reportedly thanked police for eradicating a drug trafficking problem that had been prevalent for years.

Sylvia, Andrew II, Jessica and Andrew Wapp III were arrested and charged with a total of 15 drug-related criminal charges. All four family members will appear in court on Friday.

Sources: Fox News, Waukesha Now / Photo Credit: Fox News


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