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Wisconsin Dad Slams 11-Month-Old Daughter Against Sidewalk And Kills Her

A Wisconsin man is being charged with first-degree murder for the brutal killing of his 11-month-old daughter.

There are no words to describe Russell Lamar Rose Jr’s crime other than pure evil. Following an argument with the child’s mother, Rose took his anger out on their baby daughter, Serenity.

Rose repeatedly slammed the baby against the sidewalk, which resulted in multiple fractures in her skull.  First responders attempted CPR on the baby, but she was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Serenity’s mother tried to save her, but Rose choked the mother and kicked her down the stairs as she tried to run away. Rose threatened to kill both her and the baby if she couldn’t get the baby to stop crying.

He shouted at her: “Do you want to live or die? If you want to live, shut the f--- up.”

A neighbor heard the argument and ran out to help. He heard multiple thuds, which he believes were the sounds of Serenity’s body hitting the pavement. When he got close enough to Rose, he could no longer hear Serenity crying.

When police came to the scene of the crime, Rose was able to escape to a nearby apartment where he set it on fire. He then came out of the apartment to turn himself in.

Kenosha police officers were beside themselves with the horrific crime they had seen. In a public announcement following the tragic death, Kenosha Police Chief John Morrissey said: “I’ve been an officer for almost 34 years. This is the most violent child death that I have ever been involved in ... We literally have officers that have been on 30 plus years are that are walking around with tears in their eyes when they hear how violent this little girl died.” 

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