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Wisconsin Cop Tases, Shoots Woman While Trying To Stop Dog (Video)

A woman was accidentally shot and tased by a police officer who was trying to kill a dog that had allegedly attacked her and another person  in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Wednesday (video below).

A police officer answered a call in a residential neighborhood about an English bulldog named "Tank" that was reportedly biting people.

The officer claimed that Tank attacked him, so he fired his Taser at the dog, but hit the female victim instead, reports KFOR.

The officer then fired his gun at the dog, but also hit the woman in her foot. The dog did not survive, while the woman was hospitalized.

“So, this woman had unfortunately had a very bad day,” Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told WTMJ.

The dog's owner Shawn Lievense insisted that Tank was "not a vicious dog, he's not, he's just a family pet, sleeps in the bed, you know."

Sources: WTMJ, KFOR / Photo Credit: WTMJ Screenshot


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