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Wisconsin Coach Fred Freeman Punches Own Female Player in Face

Fred Freeman may not be such a free man in a few months.

It seems Freeman is a girls basketball coach in Wisconsin who has a tiny bit of trouble controlling himself. He's been charged with battery after witnesses say he punched one of his female players in the face, threw her to the ground and put his hands around her throat.

Nice guy! The reason for this madness?

Apparently, the team lost and Freeman took out his anger on the 17-year-old player. 

The incident occured at the Indiana Fieldhouse Sports Complex near Indianapolis.

''The victim told officers her basketball coach was verbally abusing her after the team lost their game,'' Fishers police spokesman Officer Tom Weger said. ''She reported that during a verbal altercation he punched her in the face, threw her to the ground and got on top of her with his hands around her throat.''

According to the police report, the Milwaukee girl had scrapes and scratches on her arms and legs.

The AP reports: When officers arrested Freeman afterward at a restaurant, he admitted to restraining the girl but claimed to have been the victim, Weger said. However, the parent of another player told officers she saw Freeman striking the victim.

Uh, when it comes to a physical altercation, we're going to take the side of a 17-year-old girl -- not the full-grown adult man.

And, of course, it gets worse. The incident happened in front of Freeman's own daughter. The girl was present during the attack, the Indianapolis Star says, and she pleaded with him to stop.

According to an AP account, ''Ms. Washington observed the suspect's daughter yelling, 'No, Daddy.' The suspect then got up and threw the victim's badge into (a) tree,'' the report said.


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