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Wisconsin Bus Driver Saves Child From Busy Street (Video)

A Madison, Wisconsin, Metro Transit bus driver is being credited with saving an 18-month-old child after pulling the girl out of a city street (video below). 

Tim Homann told WISC News in an interview that he was driving his normal route on Aug. 6 when he saw something in the street he had never seen in his 18 years as a bus driver. 

“I got closer and closer, and it appeared to be a little baby out there,” he said.

It seems there was little doubt about what he needed to do. 

“'I’m going to get that baby.' That’s pretty much what I told myself and I looked up ahead there for cars,” Homann said, describing his plan of action.

Surveillance footage from the bus, aired by WISC, shows Homann run to the little girl who is standing behind an SUV and wearing only a diaper and a T-shirt. 

“I asked her if it was OK if I picked her up,” Homann said. “So I knelt down and I put my arms out and she put her arms up and said, ‘Momma.’”

Another motorist can be seen in the surveillance video nodding and clapping his hands, obviously approving of the bus driver’s quick thinking that got the toddler out of harm’s way. 

Homann said he assumed the girl had come from a nearby day care center and was headed that way with her when the toddler’s father came out of a nearby house. 

“All of a sudden her dad comes across the street and is happy, very happy,” Homann said, explaining that the man said he had fallen asleep and the girl had wandered outside. 

After reuniting the two, the driver hopped back on his bus and continued with his route. 

He said he apologized to his passengers for the delay.

Homann’s story is remarkably similar to a May 2014 story from Gresham, Oregon, that involved another city bus driver rescuing a child from a busy street. 

Bill Clark told The Oregonian last year he was shocked to see a toddler — about 2 years old — running up the center of a busy street one Friday morning while driving his route. 

“I just caught a glimpse of him, stopped the bus and got out to see if his parents were around,” Clark said. “They weren't. So, I picked him up and took him to the transit center.”

Clark said he gave the boy some hot chocolate, and, with help of a dispatcher, arranged to meet police at the transit center. 

Authorities were eventually able to reunite the boy with his father, who had reported the child missing. 

The father had reportedly worked a night shift the evening before and had fallen asleep. The toddler is believed to have left he home without the father’s knowledge, some time after the mother had left for work. 

Sources: WISC News, YouTube, The Oregonian / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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