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Wisconsin Bus Driver Not Fired Despite Calling Customer 'Short, Fat, And White' (Video)

There are certain things that will usually get anyone fired from a job. Calling a customer “short, fat, and white” is typically one of those things. But a Waukesha, Wisconsin driver still has her job after doing just that.

The passenger, Melinda Slick, reportedly asked the bus driver to turn down the air conditioning on the bus two times. Apparently the bus driver wasn’t in the mood for suggestions.

As Slick walked off the bus, the driver can be heard on surveillance video saying “You’re short, fat, and white. Don’t talk to me like that.”

After a few back-and-forth comments, the driver calls Slick a “fat a**” as she walks off the bus.

“I instantly started crying,” Slick said. “I have battled with my weight my whole entire life and I have been bullied for it.”

Valerie Michael, director of corporate communication for Veolia Transportation, says the driver has been disciplined and given a new route. In addition, all city bus drivers will participate in a customer service training session.

Here’s the surveillance video of the incident:

Source: The Blaze


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