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Winthrop University Replacing ID Cards With Eye Scanning (Video)

Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina is installing eye scanners inside its campus buildings.

The school's promotional video of the eye scanner (below) does not mention any possible violations of privacy or civil liberties issues, but rather the convenience and safety that students will enjoy by submitting to the “EagleEye stations.”

Winthrop University’s Associate Vice President for Information Technology James Hammond told that the college is installing the iris scanners in order to keep out the “bad guys."

Hammond said school has already scanned 1600 students, but added that students can opt out of scanning with possible negative results.

“If you decline in the future there may be some places where you have to use an alternative method of access which might inconvenience you,” said Hammond.

“Iris scanners are very accurate and cannot be forged with today’s technology. ID cards are less effective because they can be passed to other users or stolen or even forged.”

Hammond claims that the school doesn't save images of the students’ eyes, but converts 250 unique features of the eye and converts it into digital data, which is saved.



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