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Winfield Woman Jailed For Scaring Children With Chainsaw

Lynn Marie must be a big fan of scary movies.

The 50-year-old woman was recently arrested and charged with felony harassment of a child under the age of 17. The crime? She reportedly came at a few neighborhood kids in a ski mask while screaming and shaking a chain saw.

Patty Fleming, one of Herzog’s neighbors, said Herzog had been outside sawing a tree that fell during a recent storm when some of the neighborhood children were on their way home.

“I come out of my door and hear her screaming at the kids," Fleming said. "The boys start walking and she starts walking toward them with her skull mask and her chain saw, shaking it like she was going to hurt the kids.”

Patricia Manker, mother to one of the two boys, called the police. Herzog is now in jail on a $10,000 bond.

At least the chain saw was not running at the time.

Manker also did apparently tell police she did not believe the children were in danger. Regardless, it seems as though Herzog has some serious issues with doling out unwarranted threats.

Lesa Vossenkemper, another neighbor, had even filed for a protection order against Herzog “after years of threats against mentally disabled son.”

“Our son is so terrified of her,” Vossenkemper said. "He’s afraid she’s going to wind up in the house with him and do something to him ... I’m tired of living in fear.  She scares me.  I don’t let a whole lot scare me but she does [it].”

Sources: Fox 2 Now, Huffington Post


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