Willow Palin Caught Speeding in Alaska


No surprise here – Sarah Palin‘s bratty 16-year-old daughter Willow Palin was stopped for speeding last week in Alaska.  This is not the first time Willow has been made headlines.  In 2009 Willow was seen by former classmate Lance Nezaticky, 18, involved in buying marijuana, $20 worth, in a deserted Target parking lot at 1am.  Willow also came under fire for her Facebook rant where she used homosexual lingo in an offensive, pejorative context, calling friends who insulted her mom’s show (Sarah Palin’s Alaska)  “so gay” and “such a faggot.”

Bristol Palin’s younger sister, who has yet to enjoy the benefits of cosmetic surgery, was clocked going 84 mph in a 65 max zone.   According to the documentation Willow was driving her family’s black Cadillac Escalade when she was nailed for speeding.

Naturally, the daughter of Alaska’s former governor was only issued a ‘minor offense’ citation – fined $162 – and allowed to go on her way.


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