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Willie Nelson After Pot Arrest: Let’s Start Tea Pot Party

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American music legend and NORML Advisory Board member Willie Nelson (mug shot, left) was busted, again, for possessing cannabis on Friday by a US Border Patrol outside of Sierra Blanca, Texas…about 30 miles from the nation’s border with Mexico. NORML warned cannabis consumers a few years ago about these roaming road blocks.

Willie’s tour bus had to pass through one of these ‘border’ checkpoints, and after law enforcement claimed to have smelled cannabis, Willie was busted for possessing six ounces of cannabis.

In his first public interview post arrest, Willie tells CelebStoner: “There’s the Tea Party. How about the Teapot Party? Our motto: We lean a little to the left.”

For years NORML’s founder Keith Stroup has admonished cannabis consumers—the tens of millions of cannabis consumers in America—to stop voting for politicians who support arresting cannabis consumers.

If enough cannabis consumers get politically active and organize under Willie Nelson’s ‘Tea Pot Party’, voters in future may have a choice to support bona fide office seekers who support ending Cannabis Prohibition as Willie has just started a Facebook page announcing such.**

**And thereby ending the historical harassment by law enforcement of great musicians from coast to coast.


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