William Todd: 10 Felonies in 9 Hours of "Terror"

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A man is under arrest in Tennessee, accused of pulling off an unprecedented crime spree -- 10 felonies in nine hours.

Police say 24-year-old William Todd took a bus from his home in Kentucky to Nashville on March 25 and just went nuts.

"He was just on a terror. I've never seen anything like this before," said Nashville police Sgt. Tony Blackburn.

WSMV-TV reports:

Officers said Todd broke into the Slaughterhouse and stole a Taser, revolver and shotgun. Then, they said he shot the business up, stole a T-shirt and set the business on fire. 

Police said Todd then found four people leaving a local bar. He held them at gunpoint, tased one, pistol whipped another, then took off with their cash and credit cards.

Five minutes later investigators said Todd carjacked a cab at gunpoint, then headed off to commit fraud, and used his newly acquired stolen credit cards to buy food.

But police say Todd was just getting warmed up. He went to a local hotel and broke into a law office there, defecating on a desk and smearing feces on the hanging law degrees.

Then he allegedly robbed several hotel guests, shaved his head and left the hotel.

After crashing his stolen cab, police say he hailed another cab, and at knifepoint ordered the driver to take him to Opryland.

That's where police found him, "submerged in a water-cooling vat with water up to his nose," the TV station reports.

Todd faces a laundry list of felony charges.


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