William Saviano's Pony Defecates in Liquor Store, He Leaves the Mess (Video)

Surveillance cameras at Patriot’s Liquors in Warren, Rhode Island, recently recorded William Saviano in the store with his Shetland pony, who defecated on the floor (video below)

The cameras recorded the whole mess, so to speak, including Saviano's refusal to clean up the defecation.

Saviano told WJAR-TV that he was on his way home from a children’s pony show on Monday when saw a sign outside the liquor store that banned dogs and cats, so he brought his Shetland pony inside.

“They weren’t happy. I didn’t think it was a big deal, and neither did anybody else actually,” claimed Saviano.

Actually, police did think it was a "big deal" and Saviano was given a choice of arrest or cleaning up his pony's poop. He chose the latter.

Patriot’s Liquors now has a “No Horses Allowed” sign hanging in their window.

Source: WJAR-TV


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