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PETA Asks U of Michigan to Stop Abusing Cats, Pigs

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You guys are so awesome, and here's why: After PETA asked everyone to urge officials at the University of Michigan (UM) to stop tormenting live cats and pigs in cruel and deadly survival flight training exercises (which are completely unnecessary considering that UM already uses superior human-patient simulators to teach the same skills in other classes), you came through.

And how! So many people have been contacting the university that callers to the office of UM President Mary Sue Coleman are greeted with this message:

(Please visit the site to view this media)

"Thank you for calling the president's office at the University of Michigan. At this time, we are experiencing a large number of calls regarding animal research and are unable to answer your call at this time. If you are calling regarding animal research and wish to make your opinion known to President Coleman, please press 1. If you are calling about any other matter, please press 2.

On behalf of the animals who are still suffering in laboratories, thank you. Keep up the great work—and keep those calls coming!

Written by Jeff Mackey


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