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Will NRA Declare War On U.S. Air Force Over Gun Registration?

Is the gun lobby going to wage a political war now with the United States Air Force, claiming the service is denying soldiers and airmen their "Second Amendment rights"? And since the NRA routinely says that registering firearms is the first step to confiscating all guns, is the gun lobby accusing the Air Force of "disarming" itself? (Kind of a funny image actually).

It's quite a rhetorical trap the gun lobby has put itself in, don't you think?

According to a statement by Carl Bergquist, Air University Public Affairs on March 15th:

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- Registering a firearm with the appropriate authorities on Maxwell-Gunter is required in order to bring a firearm on base.

Master Sgt. James Kanz, NCO in charge of the 42nd Security Forces Squadron Armory, wants to remind all Maxwell-Gunter members and residents that firearm registration is mandatory for all individuals living on Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base.

"Individuals living in privatized housing are required to register weapons with security forces at the Maxwell Visitor's Center at Building 518 on Maxwell," he said. "Individuals living in single airman quarters are required to register and store their firearms in the 42nd SFS Armory at Building 943 on Maxwell."

The sergeant said individuals living in temporary quarters, lodging, or the dormitories must register and store privately owned weapons in the armory as well.

There, members will be given an Air Force Form 1314, which must be signed by their commander within 72 hours. Once the AF Form 1314 has been signed, they will need to get a copy of their Department of Defense Form 2760, which is a qualification to possess firearms or ammunition out of their personnel records. Both of these forms will then need to be returned to the 42nd SFS Armory.

"If residing in base housing, Airmen should start by having their commander sign an AF Form 1314 with all their weapons listed. They will also need to get a copy of their DD Form 2760 to take to the visitor's center," Sergeant Kanz said. "The Maxwell Visitor's Center will use the information provided on the AF Form 1314 to register the weapons in the Security Forces Management Information System database."

He said concealed weapons permits issued by civil authorities are not valid on Maxwell-Gunter without the expressed written approval of the 42nd Air Base Wing Commander.

Individuals may only transport privately-owned weapons on Maxwell-Gunter when driving directly to and from the armory for storage or their residence in base family housing.

Individuals must notify the entry controller that they have a privately owned weapon in their vehicle when they arrive at a gate and where they intend to transport it. Privately owned weapons must be unloaded and with the ammunition separate from the weapon.

"Individuals may check out their weapon temporarily, but the weapon must be returned within 72 hours, unless they are going on leave, temporary duty or have written permission from their first sergeant or commander," Sergeant Kanz said.


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