Wild Video: Paraglider Crash Lands After Collision with Eagle

We all know that birds can bring down an airplane, but a paraglider? That's what happened thousands of feet above the Himalayas. And it was all captured on videotape for our amusement.

The Daily Mail reports that a 24-year-old Russian named Vladimir Tsar'kov was in the middle of his flight when two eagles flew towards him. He screamed out to try to scare them off, but one of the got tangled in his ropes. He quickly started descending.

He is seen on the tape frantically trying to reach his emergency chute. He was able to pull it, but then struggled to control the glider -- with the bird still attached -- as he aimed for a clearing to land.

Vlad hit a few branches going down, but he was able to land and seemed no worse for wear. The bird was just fine as well and flew away after the man freed it from the ropes.


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