Wild Shootout At Gas Station In Atlanta (Video)


A surveillance video (below) caught a wild shootout at a gas station in Atlanta on Aug. 21.

According to WSB-TV, the chaos began when a man stepped out of his black Dodge Charger with an AK-style pistol and exchanged fire with a second man, who had allegedly flashed a gun in his waistband.

The second man went for his gun as he dove behind the other side of the car.

The first man held his assault weapon in the air, and fired over his car at the second man, who scrambled toward the front of the car and fired his gun, destroying the windshield and wounding a female passenger in the shoulder.

The first man fired more shots at the second man, who left the scene.

The first man, the woman and a male passenger then went inside the gas station store and called 911.

Atlanta police said they are searching for the second man who fled in a red and black Mazda, notes WXIA.

In another gun-related incident, police in Newark, New Jersey, had their guns drawn as they chased down a 10-year-old boy, Legend Preston, who they mistook for an adult armed robbery suspect, on Aug. 11.

Preston's mother, Patisha Solomon, told The New York Daily News she was terrified by the experience:

When I think about my child staring at the end of a gun. One wrong move, and my child wouldn’t be here right now. My son could have tripped. He could have reached for a toy. They could have done anything to my son and it could have been his fault.

According to Solomon, her son was retrieving a basketball when the police came after him.

"I was scared for my life," Preston told the newspaper. "I was thinking that they were going to shoot me."

The boy ran away from the cops until he was safely shielded by local residents and friends who shouted at police: "This is a child!"

Solomon recalled that the cops said: "He matches the description."

However, the real suspect was 20-year-old Casey Joseph Robinson who has dreadlocks and facial hair, unlike the boy. 

Police apprehended Robinson, but did not offer an apology to Preston or Solomon.

Solomon quickly filmed her son recalling what happened and posted the video on Facebook where it went viral.

A Newark Police Department spokeswoman referred The New York Daily News to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office; police spokesman told WABC that the cops had their guns out, but did not aim their weapons at the boy.

Sources: WSB-TV, WXIAThe New York Daily News / Photo Credit: WSB-TV/YouTube

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