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Wild Sex, Drugs And Video Party At Masonic Temple In Battle Creek, Mich., Discovered By Cops

The local Masonic Temple in a solid, American town like, say, Battle Creek, Mich., serves as a gathering place for pillars of the community. Business leaders, local politicians, even clergy are often members of the centuries-old fraternal organization known as the Masons.

Their meeting hall is a place where they can gather out of the public spotlight and finally just relax.

Imagine, then, the surprise of police in Battle Creek when they were called to the Masonic Temple at 2:19 am on Sunday of last week only to walk in and find what they described to local News Channel 3 as  a “drug fueled sex party.”

Battle Creek is perhaps best known in popular culture as the home of Kellogg’s, makers of many popular breakfast cereals and other food products.

The call came in to police as a report of a fight at the Temple, which in itself would be unusual enough for the generally staid and secretive Masonic Order. It would also be odd because the temple sits on the same block as the Battle Creek police station and county courthouse.

But when cops entered the temple at 133 East Michigan Avenue, the first thing they saw was “five women dancing naked on a stage,” according to a police blotter report. And that wasn’t all.

The first officer on the scene witnessed a couple engaging in what was described to News Channel 3’s reporters as a lewd sex act. In addition to the nude women dancing, a number of men were found recording the whole display on video.

Further investigation found drugs present on the scene.

Skeptical that local Masons would indulge in such debauchery, the local TV journalists called the Masonic Lodge looking for someone to explain just what the heck was going on in there. They got a recorded message.

"Thank you for calling the beautiful Masonic Temple. For renting our facility, please call Charlie..."

Beginning to get an idea of what might have gone wrong, they called “Charlie” who explained that the lodge had rented the facility for $900 for what he understood to be a “dance party.”

Operators of the lodge have now halted any future parties there. Police made multiple arrests but have issued no further information about the case, or what might have happened to the videos.

SOURCES: Battle Creek Enquirer, WWMT News Channel 3 (2), Atlantic Wire


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