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Wild Python Found In Florida Flea Market

Many fashionable shoppers have searched high and low in hopes of finding the perfect snakeskin accessory, but a woman visiting a flea market in Homestead, Florida, got more than she bargained for when she came across a nearly 8-foot Burmese python while she sifted through piles of clothes.

“It’s a good thing she didn’t grab it,” Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue Lt. Scott Mullen told the Miami Herald. He explained that pythons are aggressive biters with over 100 sharp teeth.

According to Mullen, the 40-pound snake had recently eaten. “It was looking for a cozy place to digest its meal,” he said.

Pythons tend to seek out warm, dark spots to rest and digest their food, and an open-air market with a tarp covering the seller’s wares was an ideal location.

“They are nocturnal creatures and come out at night looking for food and then look for a place to rest during the day,” Mullen said.

The snake was handed over to the  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which will likely euthanize it.

Burmese pythons are an invasive species and have upset Florida’s delicate ecosystem as their population has exploded, Time reported.

Sources: Miami Herald, Time / Photo credit: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue via Miami Herald


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