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U.S. Gov. Violently Rounding Up Wild Horses


All across the Western U.S., our last remaining herds of wild horses are being violently rounded up by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and forced into government holding pens. The BLM rounds up wild horses and burros to keep millions of acres of public land available for lease to agribusiness for cattle grazing.

The horses and burros are captured, housed in barren pens, and separated from their families. These horses are supposedly put up for adoption, but few are actually adopted into long-term homes. Most end up warehoused or shipped to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

According to federal officials, the roundups are necessary because the land is overpopulated by wild horses and could become uninhabitable to other wildlife. The truth is that BLM has leased millions of acres of the wild-horse and burro rangelands to cattle interests. The cattle are eating all the forage and drinking up the scarce water supply, and the wild horses are being blamed and forced out of their homes.

The BLM is taking comments today about the latest plan to round up nearly 1,700 horses who are living on land designated for the future Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary, founded by philanthropist and activist Madeleine Pickens. These horses will be directly affected by what the BLM is calling a "gather."

Please e-mail the BLM and let the agency know that the survival of wild horses on their native lands must take precedence over cattle grazing. The comment period ends today, so take action right now. 

Written by Jennifer O'Connor


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