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Wild High School Brawl Sparked By 'Hoes' Posting on Twitter (Video)

A wild brawl broke out at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia on Monday after a posting on Twitter.

The mass fight was recorded on a cell phone by an unidentified school employee (video below).

The fight began after a Twitter account was set up to name the "hoes" at the school.

“It’s mayhem. Students are in the halls, they’re smoking in the bathroom, cigarettes, marijuana,” the unidentified school employees told CBS Philadelphia. “We can’t contain them and it’s really hazardous for us working and these kids are not being educated at all.”

“It’s a zoo in here. Parents really need to come up here and see what’s going on in this school because it’s ridiculous,” added the employee.

After the brawl, police put Overbrook High School on lockdown.

"As a result of this disturbance several injuries were reported, two minor injuries to students and one minor leg injury to an administrator," Philadelphia Police Chief of School Safety Carl Holmes told NBC Philadelphia.

According to police, 10-12 students were taken into custody. Nine of those students were cited for disorderly conduct and released.

“We’re seeing an increase in incidents at this school this year," said School District spokesman Fernando Gallard. "The good news is we have actually more police staff at this school this year than last year.”

Sources: CBS Philadelphia and NBC Philadelphia


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