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Wikipedia Creates Sexist Subcategory for American Female Novelists

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Wikipedia are criticism today for creating a subcategory for American Women Novelists, distinguishing them as a lesser class of American Novelists. Wikipedia editors claim the move was made to cut the length of some 4,000 entries under the American Novelist list.

Some are calling Wikipedia the "encyclopaedic embodiment of the male gaze".

Amanda Filipacchi, of the New York Times, noted that the list is often used for to find authors to read, hire, and honor. Subcategorizing women slows the process of finding equality in the literary world.

"The subcategory 'American women novelists' simply reflects a widespread and belittling perception of women writers that already exists.” Wrote Abigail Murdy of Meville House, “But in reflecting that perception, Wikipedia perpetuates it, and the sexism marches on."

The segregation is not limited to American Women Novelists, but also seems to affect Haitian Women Novelists, who were also given their own category recently.

"This is embarrassing us on a global basis,” Wrote one Wikipedia volunteer, “If you don't segregate males and gender unknowns, then don't segregate women.”

In response, an American Men Novelists category has been added to the list, and editors have begun moving female novelists back to the list.

Sources: The Guardian, The NY Times


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