WikiLeaks Leader: Organization Has More Clinton Documents


After 20,000 emails from Democratic National Committee officials were released by WikiLeaks via an unknown hacker, the founder of the website said there is more to come.

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, said there is “significant material” currently being verified by the organization, according to the Washington Examiner. Assange also said his organization is strategizing about how to release the material for “maximum exposure.”

And they expect results.

"We brought down the head of the DNC," Assange said, referring to the resignation of former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. "We have authentic information. The goal of WikiLeaks … is to educate the public. To turn a dark world into a lighter world."

If there is more material coming, it's possible that it could include documents from the Clinton Foundation. Back in June, before the DNC leaks made international headlines, Bloomberg reported that the non-profit organization headed by Bill and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had possibly been hacked by Russians.

The Clinton Foundation has taken large sums of money from foreign donors and has been suspected of returning the favor through political means, according to both Politico and The New York Times.

Whatever WikiLeaks ends up publishing, it will surely be timed to generate the most interest, which was the idea behind releasing the DNC emails just before the DNC convention.

“That’s when we knew there would be maximum interest by readers, but also we have a responsibility to,” Assange said, according to Yahoo! News. “If we published after [the convention], you can just imagine how outraged the Democratic voting population would have been.” 

Sources: Washington Examiner, Politico, The New York Times, Yahoo! News / Photo credit: Cancilleria del Ecuador/Flickr

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