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Wife Tricks Husband To See If He's Cheating, Then Things Take Strange Turn

A wife tested her husband’s faithfulness by hiding out under his bed, but she never expected how he’d react.

After years of loyal marriage, the wife decided to trick her husband to see how much he loved her. She wrote her husband a letter informing him that she wanted to leave him. In the letter, the wife said she felt the love between them was long gone and that they should no longer be together.

The wife put the letter on their bed and hid underneath. When he came home and read the letter aloud, he proceeded to make a phone call and laugh about how thrilled he was that his marriage was over.

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The wife then heard the door slam, and she knew her husband was gone. She crawled out from under the bed, devastated, then found a letter he wrote sitting in place of hers. 

“Dear wife,” the letter read. “The next time you’re going to try to trick me into proving my love, make sure your feet aren’t sticking out from under the bed.”

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Source: Boredom Therapy / Photo credit: Boredom Therapy 

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