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Wife Pranks Husband With Coyote Pictures

An Oregon woman's text prank on her husband went viral when she convinced him that she had brought home a coyote pup as a pet.

Kayla Eby, who lives with her husband and young son in Seaside, Oregon, texted her husband a Photoshopped image of the couple's son with a coyote sitting on their couch. Eby convinced her husband that she thought the creature was a stray dog, KOIN reports.

"I found this cute little dog outside... he doesn't have tags or anything," Eby texted her husband. "I'm going to bring him inside. He seems cold. Poor pup," she added.

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Then she texted an image that she edited in Photoshop to appear as if her young song was sitting on the couch beside the coyote.

"THAT'S NOT A F***ING DOG BABY," her husband responded, according to KGW. "That's a f***ing coyote."

"Babe... I think I know a dog when I see one," Eby replied, egging her husband on.

"I am going to come home to my family eaten by a wild COYOTE MY WIFE BROUGHT INTO THE HOUSE," Eby's husband texted her.

Eby told him that she and her son had named the animal Spot. Eventually, Eby came clean to her husband about the prank. "I know that's a coyote," she texted. "I'm saying... it wasn't ever here. Or in our house on our couch. It was Photoshop."

"I F***ING HATE YOU," he responded after he learned the truth.

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Eby told KGW that the prank was inspired by her real love for animals, and her habit of bringing them home.

"I bring home lost, stray animals all the time," she said. She added that she was inspired to prank her husband after seeing a thread about people pranking their spouses in her internet Photoshop group.

Eby posted the exchange with her husband online, where it has gained over 209,000 shares on social media.

Sources: BoredPanda, KOIN, KGW / Photo credits: Kayla Eby via KOIN, KGW

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