Wife Spattered With Pus While Filming Husband Popping 30-Year-Old Cyst (Video)


There is an abundance of cyst-popping videos on the Internet, some of them are hard to watch, but this one is oddly satisfying.

Ryan Schmidt got an explosion of pus flying everywhere, including on his wife after he popped a 30-year-old cyst, according to the Daily Mirror.

Schmidt did not intend for the yellow pus to go all over his disgusted wife, who is not named in the video below, but his eagerness to pop the cyst was overwhelming.

“Can you smell it?” he asks his wife before more pus comes shooting from his leg.

"Oh wow! Oh my God!" he says in the YouTube video. "It sprayed everywhere.” The bodily fluid even lands on his phone, which the couple was using to film the whole thing.

Schmidt apologizes to his wife, who can be seen cleaning the floor with a tissue.

“Sorry babe,” he says. But adds, “This is the greatest day of my life.”

Watch the video below (Warning: This is gross):

This is the latest in a series of pimple and cyst-squeezing videos that have gone viral.

Last month, we reported on a Canadian man who went by the pseudonym Andy Peppers. He waited two decades to get rid of what he claims to be a large pimple that had been growing on his neck.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Opposing Views


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