Wife Slams Into Husband And Other Woman On Motorcycle

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Iowa resident Kimberly Vangundy was really ticked off fo find her husband cruising around town with another woman on the back of his motorcycle.

How bothered was she? She hopped in her car, chased him down and rammed his bike. 

Des Moines police say Vangundy chased her husband and his female friend for over three miles and almost ran them off the road multiple times. She eventually slammed into the bike at a significant speed – witnesses say she didn’t slow down at all before the collision.

After knocking the pair to the ground, Vangundy got out of her car and started hitting her husband.

Police arrived at the scene soon after and arrested Vangundy. She’s been charged with two counts of serious injury by vehicle and reckless driving.

Des Moines police spokesman Sgt. Jason Halifax called the case “uncommon.”

"This is pretty uncommon typically speaking what we're more likely to see is perhaps a physical altercation," Halifax told KCCI. "Very few times do we ever see someone try to strike another with a vehicle. We don't see it that often."

Somehow, the husband and his passenger suffered only minor injuries. 

Source: KCCI

Image Credit: KCCI, Wikipedia


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