Wife's Final Text Comes Before Plane Crash (Photos)

The final text one wife sent to her husband before her plane crashed has touched hearts. She was flying from Mississippi to Florida.

“I received a text message from Lauren about fifteen minutes before they were due to take off,” reveals David Chase, 31, the Daily Mail reports. “She wrote, 'Taking off, I love you.’”

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The plane’s pilot was David’s father. In addition to carrying his wife, David’s sister Lydia was also onboard.

Only 30 minutes after receiving his wife’s text, David said Lydia called to let him know there was an accident and Lauren had been severely injured.

After being hospitalized, however, the doctors told David his wife would be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life.

“We've been together for 12 years and I knew the moment I met her that she was the woman I was going to marry so it was really hard news to take,” recalls David.

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But Lauren, he says, is a fighter. She has survived numerous near-death situations since she was injured.

“Lauren's brain injury meant she had an 80 percent mortality rate,” David said. “Her heart has stopped twice and she's had acute respiratory distress syndrome, which meant she had a mortality rate of 90 percent -- but she beat that, too.”

On March 3, she surprised everybody by being able to speak.

“Before that, we were under the impression that she was in a vegetative state,” David explained. “It was a big relief for her as well as for us because her mind is still there and healthy, but she can't vocalize it because she's trapped in her body.”

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Despite the improvements, however, her health suddenly began deteriorating.

This time, they’re less certain about the outcome. She was moved to a hospice and is in critical condition.

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“All the family are around her and we're praying for a miracle,” said David. “We've seen her be a really strong fighter time and time again but we can't see her suffer anymore. It's not a decision I would wish on my worst enemy.”

Meanwhile, Lauren’s friends created a YouCaring page to raise money for her medical expenses.

“We have started this site to keep friends and family updated!  More than anything, we desire your prayers!” they write.

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