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'A Spirit Told Me': Wife Rushes Home On A Hunch, Finds Husband Trapped Under SUV

Call it a woman's intuition: Nicole Mayhew says she knew something was wrong with her husband, Scott Mayhew, on Monday, and she felt the need to rush home from work to see if he was okay.

Mayhew, who is from Saratoga Springs, Utah, was right to trust her gut: as it turns out, her 43-year-old husband had been trapped under their SUV in their garage for an hour and a half.

"I just said I need to go check on him working on the car," Mayhew told Fox 29 Philly. "I just believe a spirit told me." 

When she pulled into their driveway, Mayhew says she could hear her husband yelling, "Help me, love." Scott had been working on the Ford Explorer when it fell off a jack and crushed into his chest.

Mayhew said Scott, with whom she has five children, could barely breathe and that she knew he was in a great deal of pain, reports Fox 13. He told her to call 911, but before paramedics arrived, a neighbor was able to help use the jack to lift the vehicle off of the man.

Scott Mayhew was transported by air to the University of Utah Hospital. At first, doctors were worried that he had possible internal bleeding, but are crediting his wife with arriving in time to save his life.

He suffered six broken ribs but is expected to make a full recovery.

Souces: Fox 29 Philly, Fox 13 / Photo Credit: Fox 29 Philly

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