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Woman Demands To See Dash-Cam Footage After Husband Is Killed By Troopers

Assistant pastor Nehemiah Fischer, 35, of Faith Bible Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was shot and killed by Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers during a rescue on Friday. Now, his wife is demanding to see the dash-cam footage.

Laura Fischer, Nehemiah’s wife, wrote in a Facebook post: “Please don’t believe everything you read. I’ve only received minimal information and it doesn’t seem to match up. Please remember the wonderful, caring, loving man that Nehemiah was.”

Police say Fischer was shot in self-defense. Highway troopers responded to a call about a stranded motorist and reportedly found Nehemiah and his brother Brandon trying to move a vehicle from the roadway due to rising waters. Seven people were reported dead in Oklahoma as a result of severe weather and flash floods, The Guardian reported.

“(The troopers) were trying to get them to come out of the water,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Paul Timmons said. “They were worried about them getting swept away.”

The troopers asked the men to leave the car and move to higher ground, according to CNN. That’s when an altercation allegedly took place, leading one of the troopers to shoot Fischer. The police added that the brothers were upset at having to leave their vehicle in the flood. The 40-year-old brother, Brandon, was reportedly arrested for assaulting a trooper and public intoxication, FOX23 reports.

“They would not have gone after the trooper … they would not do that on their own volition,” Laura told FOX23 local news. She reportedly told the news station that she wants to see dash-cam video of the incident.

Timmons said Nehemiah was armed, though it is unclear whether he used or displayed the weapon in front of police, Inquisitr reports.

Mike Haesloop, a longtime friend of the pastor, told The Guardian that Fischer was “not the kind of guy that’s going to pull a gun on anybody.”

“He’s more one that’s going to pray for you," Haesloop stated.

“I’ve known Nehemiah for years," he added. "Never known him to drink, never known him to do anything (wrong). I don’t get it. None of this is making any sense."

The shooting is currently under investigation, CNN reports.

Nehemiah and his wife would have celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in June. He ran a construction company, according to his LinkedIn page, and was frequently a guest speaker at the Faith Bible Church in Tulsa on biblical topics.

Sources: The Guardian, Inquisitr, Fox23, CNN

Photo Credit: Inquisitr, Facebook via NY Daily News


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