Wife Holds Sign at Wrestlemania Telling Public He is a Cheater, Gives His Seat Number


A woman who was cheated on by her husband decided to get revenge by creating a pink sign at Wrestlemania 29 with his seat number on it.

The sign read: "My cheatin' husband's in 129 row 31 seat 7-3 (with the homewrecker)."

She attended the wrestling event in New Jersey last Sunday and caught the attention of many onlookers as no one could ignore the bright sign.

It is not known who the woman is, and there are currently no photos available of the woman's husband or his mistress.

The wrestling event is held at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford on featured many high-profile matches, including John Cena and The Rock.

There were 80.676 fans in attendance, making it the second highest attended event in the history of the WWE.

It was New Jersey's 101.5 website that posted the first image of the woman and her sign.

Many have shown support of the sign, saying it's a great idea.

One commenter wrote, "What an amazing idea! It's much cheaper than a billboard."

But others are less enthusiastic.

"Um…I do not really feel sorry for her, she just looks sloppy. She is not sitting very ladylike either," another commenter wrote.

Sources: NJ 101.5


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