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Wife Of Former NFL Player Kidnapped And Killed By His Alleged Mistress

The alleged mistress of a former NFL player kidnapped his wife and killed her, before committing suicide, according to police in Georgia and Alabama.

Lisa Brown, 46, kidnapped Sandra Barnett, 49, from her home at lunchtime Wednesday, reports. The pair were later found dead in a black vehicle on Interstate 20 in Alabama.

Barnett was the wife of Buster Barnett. Although Daily Mail described Brown as Buster’s mistress, claimed she was his ex-girlfriend.

“Sandra was actually on the telephone with a friend when Lisa showed up at the front door,” said Clayton County Police Capt. Richard Gandee, according to 12 News. “Lisa Brown was actually driving a vehicle owned by Buster.”

A period of 24 hours passed between the initial kidnapping and the bodies being found.

The friend speaking to Barnett by phone heard her argue with a woman and say “please don’t hurt me.” The friend told police that she feared for Barnett’s life.

Neighbors also reported seeing a suspicious person, likely Brown, arguing with Barnett in her garage.

The pair were then spotted leaving in a Dodge Durango, reports.

Nothing further was seen of the vehicle until Thursday morning, when Georgia authorities located and pursued the car on Interstate 20.

“[We] pursued the vehicle [and] positively identified that that was the lookout vehicle,” said Brad Robinson of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, according to Daily Mail.

“They went through Haralson County, on into Alabama, where other agencies and officers assisted in the pursuit,” Robinson added.

The authorities in Alabama stated that a stand-off ensued, during which time Brown grabbed the gun from the back seat. reported that no law enforcement officials fired any shots.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation will take over the case.

Sources:, 12 News, Daily Mail/ Photo credit: Daily Mail


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