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Wife Files For Divorce From Husband Of One Week For Unusual Reason

A Nigerian woman reportedly asked for a divorce after only one week of marriage because she realized she was unable to handle the size of her husband's penis.

Reports say Aisha Dannupawa, a mother of three, asked a court in Zamfara State to dissolve her marriage to Ali Maizinari after only one week because his penis was too large. In keeping with the culture’s customs, Dannupawa moved into his parents’ home right after being married before moving into her husband's house. When they first attempted to have sex, things didn’t go as planned.

“When he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare,” Dannupawa told Nigerian Tribune. “Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else because his penis was too big.

“I told my mother the experience but she told me to endure and that with time, I will be able to cope,” she continued. “She then gave me some drugs.”

Despite taking the drugs, the second attempt to have sex was just as bad as the first. Dannupawa says she realized it was “too much to bear” and decided, with the support of her new husband, that she would file for divorce.

Maizinari didn’t refute the claims that his penis was too large and said he was willing to move forward with the divorce if money spent during the brief marriage and courtship was paid back to him.

The court official told the couple to try reconciliation before returning.

Sources: New York PostNigerian Tribune / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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