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Wife Discovers Her Husband Married Another Woman Via Facebook

Liz Linham, 37, was married to Adrian Linham, 43, for seven years. Unbeknownst to her, he secretly dated Haley Totterdell for three years and then married her - all while Liz believed she and her husband were still happily married.

Adrian told Liz he was working as scuba instructor in Bangor, North Wales, so he had to be gone for weeks at a time. In reality, he was living with Haley part-time, 16 miles away from Liz. 

In August 2012, Adrian proposed to Haley on a beach in Mexico where he honeymooned with Liz. To cover up his web of lies, Adrian told everyone in his life that he had divorced Liz - including the best man, who was there at both of Adrian’s weddings.

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After marrying Haley, Adrian returned to the United Kingdom and continued his double life.

Three months after Haley and Adrain got married, Liz got a letter from Adrian’s mother. "It said that she was sorry to hear Adrian and I had gotten divorced and that she hoped I was dealing with it ok,” Liz told Mirror. "She then went on to say that she had been on Facebook and seen Adrian's wedding pictures to Hayley and hoped that his new marriage hadn't affected me too much.”

Liz found the wedding photos on Facebook and tore up the letter. "I called him to confront him but he yet again denied it - I just went into meltdown.

"He totally denied it and told me not to be so silly. But that was it - I haven't spoken to him since.”

Adrian recently pleaded guilty to one count of bigamy and was ordered to pay £1,000 in restitution and given a restraining order.

Liz has custody of their daughter, but she’s been emotionally scarred by Adrian’s actions. "When something like this happens you feel like you are unlovable," she said.

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"If your own husband doesn't even love you and can't love you how can anyone else possibly even like you?

"You must be an awful person if you can't even be loved by your husband. You can't help but think it must have been something you said or did. I don't think I can ever love again.

"I wouldn't be surprised if there are more women. I don't think he'd stop at two after everything I've heard. He'll never change.”

Source: Mirror Image via Mirror


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