Wife Beats Husband For Wrong Mother's Day Flowers


A woman in Holmes Beach, Florida, allegedly beat her husband for buying the wrong candy and flowers on Mother's Day.

Virginia Stewart's husband suffered "bruising and contusions" after an argument that lasted all night May 8, where Stewart assaulted him with a coat hanger and her fists after being upset that he bought "the wrong flowers and candy for Mother's Day," according to the Smoking Gun.

"The defendant entered into a domestic relate argument with the victim concerning the defendant's child and the victim getting her the wrong flowers and candy for mother's day," reads the affidavit, which says that Stewart threw cups around the room during the argument, which began at night and lasted until the next morning.

The affidavit also says that Stewart punched her husband several times and struck him the head with a coat hanger.

Responding to a 911 call that was hung up, Police arrived at the scene at 8:02 in the morning May 12 to find the husband with injuries "highly visible on the left side of his face with contusions all over," according to the affidavit. Her husband said that he feared Stewart at the time of the incident.

Authorities then arrested Stewart, 42, for domestic battery and booked her into the Manatee county jail, according to the Daily Mail. She was later released May 13 after posting a $750 bond, but has been ordered not to communicate with her husband until further court order.

Stewart's arraignment is scheduled for June 9, on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. It is unclear if there were previous incidents of abuse in the home.

Sources: Daily Mail, Smoking Gun / Photo credit: Stacey/Flickr

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