Wife Attempts Suicide After Husband Refuses To Buy Purse, Husband Responds Accordingly (Photos)


A Chinese woman attempted to commit suicide by jumping into a lake this week after her husband refused to buy her a purse.

The woman, who had jumped into a lake in the Dezhou, Shandong Province, had apparently been sitting in the water for 20 minutes when police arrived. She reportedly ignored their requests that she get out of the water. When police asked her husband to reason with her, he simply yelled at her.

“She’s already been in the cold water for 20 minutes,” one witness reported, according to the Shanghaiist. “She’ll get sick if she stays there.”

When police threw a life buoy out to save the woman, she refused to grab on to it. Finally, the woman’s husband jumped into the water and, instead of helping her, began to smother her, gbtimes reported. In photos of the event (shown below), the husband can be seen wrapping his hands around his wife’s throat and shoving her face in the water.

“My husband abuses me all the time at home and it’s not out of the ordinary for him to beat me up like this,” the woman told police later. “I threatened to commit suicide not just because of the bag but because of all the abuse I’ve been through.”

As the husband began to abuse his wife, police jumped in and intervened.

At the police station, the man reportedly promised not to hurt his wife again.

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Sources: ShanghaiistGB Times

Photo Credit: GB Times


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