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Man Attacks Wife with Cleaver in Broad Daylight on NYC Street

A man in China Town allegedly attacked his wife with a meat cleaver on Sunday. Ming Guang Huang, 28, was caught on a security camera, hacking at his wife as she fell onto the sidewalk. The attack took place outside Fong’s Trading at 74 Canal Street, across the street from Engine Co. 9, Ladder Co. 6. When they heard screams, several New York firefighters restrained Huang.

“While we were working on the rigs getting ready for our day tour, I saw a man dragging a woman who was crying and screaming down the street,” said 18-year FDNY veteran José Ortiz. “Once I got closer, the man starts hacking at the woman. He hits her six, eight, maybe 10 times. So, we bum-rush him and get him against the fence.”

Injured wife Jinyia You, 24, ran away in terror. Firefighter Shane Clarke grabbed a trauma-kit and ran down the street to help her. She ducked in and out of several shops, seemingly looking for safety, before Clarke could catch up with her.

Struggling to overcome a language barrier, Clarke said “She was afraid…She has a cut on her head and several wounds on her abdomen. She had six to eight cuts, one deep one on the back of her head. That was the one we were most concerned about.”

The woman suffered several very serious defensive wounds to her arms and was taken to Bellevue Hospital. She is in critical, but stable condition.

Huang was arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a deadly weapon, and harassment.

Source: NY Post


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