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Wife Arrested After Husband's Private Investigator Finds Out Her Secret

Law enforcement officials arrested a Taylorsville, Utah, dance instructor for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a 17-year-old student.

Amber Telford, 33, pleaded guilty on Tuesday, KSL reported. She was charged with felony unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Prosecutors on the case dismissed six identical charges against her.

Telford, a mother of three, was arrested in January. At the time of her arrest, police accused her of having sex with a boy under her tutelage from September to December of last year. 

“She started by flirting with [the boy] and eventually began a sexual relationship with him that occurred at her home, her mother’s home and also in a vehicle belonging to Amber,” read a Salt Lake County Jail report.

The former dance instructor also reportedly took the teenager to a church parking lot to have sex with him. She "groomed" the boy by purchasing him clothes as well as paying for his trip to Disneyland for a dance competition, according to police.

The issue only came to light last November after Tellford’s estranged husband hired a private detective to investigate her. The detective reportedly caught the two in her studio.

Telford had filed for divorce from her husband in September of last year.

​Source: KSLNYDailyNews

Photo Credit: FOX


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