Wife and Husband Firefighters Crystal and Clinton Henderson Called Out To Fight Fire At Their Own Home


A husband and wife firefighting team were called out to tackle a blaze at an Illinois trailer park that just happened to also be their home.

Mail Online reports that Crystal and Clinton Henderson were part of a Horseshoe Lake Fire Service team that fought in vain to control the fire that left their family trailer gutted. Thankfully, no one was home at the time of the fire as the couple live with Clinton’s mother and their four kids.

Unfortunately, all of their possessions were destroyed in the blaze and the children were understandably upset.

"They are upset that their toys and everything is gone," Crystal told KFVS.

“But my kids, my mother-in-law and husband we're all fine. Emotionally we're not but physically we're fine,” she added, according to Mail Online.

The fire is not considered suspicious and investigators aren’t sure how it started. It’s thought to have begun in a bedroom that was shared by Clinton’s mother and one of the couple’s kids.

Horseshoe Lake's Fire Chief Joshua McKee, who is Clinton’s nephew, was shocked when he arrived at the Henderson’s home, but knew he had to remain professional.

"That's part of our job," McKee said. "We get here and we do our job like we are supposed."

Among the items lost in the fire were Christmas presents for the Henderson children.

Sources: Mail Online, KFVS


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