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Widower Has Eaten Breakfast Beside Photo Of Late Wife Every Day

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Every morning since his wife died, Louisiana man George Travis has eaten his breakfast at the same restaurant alongside a framed photo of the late Mrs. Billy Mae Travis.

“I bring her with me everywhere I go,” Travis said. “I never go anywhere without my precious wife.”

Customers and employees of Another Broken Egg restaurant in Shreveport have taken notice and often express their condolences. Some have even paid for Travis’ breakfast.

Travis and his wife first met on a blind date at a Lions Club convention many years ago. At the time, Travis was newly divorced after a failed marriage and had a strained relationship with his two kids. However, his life changed after his date with Billy Mae, and the two never spent a minute apart after that day.

When customers ask what Travis misses most about his wife, he often replies that he misses everything, but that she had a special gift for making him feel wanted and needed.

Mrs. Travis’ affection unfortunately came to an end in July of 2013 when she passed away.

“Her head turned back and her eyes closed. She took three deep breaths and she was gone,” Travis said. “It was the hardest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Travis said he doesn’t think of his wife as dead, but “living” in heaven waiting to see him again. Until then, he regularly cleans her grave site and says a prayer by her head stone.

According to a friend, Travis suffered a heart attack on November 13, but he’ll soon be ready to return to the restaurant and have breakfast with his wife again.

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Sources: The Huffington Post, KSLA / Photo Credit: The Huffington Post


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