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Widow Paula Henry Being Sued By Her Husband’s Killer

Years after her husband was murdered, a widow is being sued by the man who was convicted of killing him.

Bob Henry, 33, was murdered by his former friend and business associate Larry Shandola in 1995. Shandola was not arrested for the crime until 2001. Mr. Henry’s widow, Paula, was instrumental in the investigation into Shandola and even raised $50,000 to keep it open.

In the time between her husband’s murder and Shandola’s arrest, Ms. Henry was allegedly stalked and harassed by her husband’s killer. Now Shandola is suing her for $100,000 because she wrote a letter objecting to him being transferred to a prison in Canada, his home country. He claims that Ms. Henry’s letter created “highly objectionable publicity that attributed to him characteristics, conduct and/or beliefs that are false.”

Mrs. Henry’s lawyer, John Ladenburg, says that the killer’s attempt to sue his client is just another example of the type of harassment she has been forced to endure, The Inquisitr reported.

He said: “[Shandola] had somebody track her down and had papers served on her at her apartment, and she called me that night – terrified and crying – saying that friends were coming over and that she’s moving out right away … She couldn’t stand the thought that he might know where she lives – that he might be able to find her, or that his friends on the outside might be able to find her.”

Ladenburg says that the case should be dismissed and that there should be laws put in place to prevent this type of lawsuit from being filed in the future.

“We’re asking not only for the court to throw this out, but we’re also asking the [Washington state] legislature to create a new law here that says anybody convicted of a violent crime – like murder, rape, armed robbery – cannot sue anybody involved in the case without the permission of the presiding judge.”

Source: The Inquisitr, The National Post


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