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Elsie Smith Set to Sell Everything She Owns to Pay for Husband's Funeral, Gets Help From Donors

Down to her last nine dollars, 91-year-old Elsie Smith was willing to sell everything she owned in order to give her husband a proper funeral. Smith had no family or friends to help her with financing the burial and it looked as if it was going to be very difficult for her to keep the promise she made to the love of her life, Joe.

That was until her story went viral.

After Smith’s story hit the Internet, support for the widow began to roll in. According to The Huffington Post, donors across the country pitched in cash to cover the $3,000 funeral costs and a minister offered his help to perform the service. Smith even had a few thousand dollars left over.

“I loved that man more than anything in this whole wide world,” Smith said.

One of the biggest champion’s of Smith’s cause was news outlet KOMO. When the station reported that Smith was planning an estate sale in the hopes of covering funeral costs, the response from viewers was amazingly generous.

“It's completely unbelievable, said KOMO 4 News Director Holly Gauntt. “We get donations from our viewers all the time, but I have never seen anything like this in the entire time I've been here.”

Even as Smith was going ahead with her estate sale, donations from well-wishers were pouring in. “I know that she must have loved her husband very much, and misses him and wants to make his dream come true,” said Pam Hoover, a local who shopped at the estate sale.

Rick Stanton of Stanton & Everybody Advertising donated $3,000. “My wife and I are doing well, and there just comes a time in life when you have to do something for someone else,” Stanton said “It was just that compelling.”

KOMO was able to present Smith with a check for $12,000 on Monday. “I don't know what to say. I'm just dumbfounded,” Smith said.

Source: (The Huffington Post)


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