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Widow Assumes Man Is Coming To Offer Condolences, Then Realizes Why He's Actually There

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Widow Assumes Man Is Coming To Offer Condolences, Then Realizes Why He's Actually There Promo Image

A man pretended to console a grieving Missouri widow before stealing her late husband's car on June 27.

The woman's husband had passed away a few weeks earlier, KTVI reports.

“She took his truck to go see him and bring him flowers,” said Angie, the widow's daughter.

That’s when an unidentified man approached her mother -- twice -- in feigned attempts to console.

“[He] brought her a flower, said, ‘I'm so sorry,’ and, ‘I’ll let you grieve in peace,' then went back to the grave he was pretending to visit,” said Angie.

Then as her mother turned away, the man jumped into her late husband’s Chevy Silverado. The man drove over other people’s graves in his getaway.

The truck contained the woman’s laptop, credit cards, purse, ID and important documents.

“Mom drives that car [and] she feels him there. It smells like him still. She wants it back,” Angie said.

Many were outraged by the incident.

“It takes a “special” kind of thief to prey on a grieving woman at a cemetery,” wrote Amanda Shea for Mad World News. “This thief will get a heaping dose of karma for what he did, which could cost him his life since he stole what a dead man left behind.”

And this is not the first time somebody has stolen from a widow, The Washington Post reports.

A 25-year-old man in Virginia was accused of stealing donations for the widow and children of 37-year-old Virginia State Trooper Chad P. Dermyer in April.

Dermyer was shot and killed while on duty only a few weeks prior. The community held a fundraiser for his family.

Tyree Burrell attempted to steal the fruits of that charity. He was arrested and charged with petty larceny.

“Unbelievable that someone would steal from a widow and her kids, great job catching him,” wrote C. Kaye Zens on social media.

“Stealing from a dead cops family . . . Now that’s just wrong. Throw the book at em boys!” added Eames Coleman.


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