Widow Allison Kelley Mails Her Husband's Ashes To Florida But Postal Service Loses Them

The moral of this story is, if you lose a loved one who told you to scatter his ashes in a spot more than 1,000 miles away, it might be better to take them there yourself.

Allison Kelley of Northwood, N.H. put two urns containing the ashes of her late husband Chuck in the U.S. mail. Their destination? Florida. That’s where Chuck wanted his ashes spread, because a spot in the Florida Keys was his favorite place to pursue his passion, fishing.

“He told me that was heaven to him, and that when he died, he wanted his ashes spread there,” the widow told WMUR TV News.

Chuck Kelley’s daughter lives in Florida, so Allison packaged up the urns along with some of her husband’s flannel shirts and mailed the box to her. The shirts got there. Somehow, the urns containing Chuck Kelley’s cremated remains did not.

When Kelley’s daughter received the package, tape that held the box closed had been broken and the urns, sealed in bubble wrap, were missing.

"She keeps on reminding me that her dad's in heaven and these ashes are just ashes,” said Allison Kelley.  “But I think to really move on we need to do what he wanted.”

She says she hopes that the urns simply fell out at a post office along the way and that someone who hears about her story will realize what they are.

"I'm hoping it's sitting on someone's desk and they just don't know who it belongs to," she said.

Chuck Kelley suffered a heart attack and died in August. He was 58 years old.

“I just felt like I lost him all over again," said his grieving wife.

SOURCES: WMUR, Boston.com


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