Wicked Campervans Criticized For Racist And Homophobic Slogans


An Australian camping company is receiving backlash from consumers worldwide for their unorthodox way of decorating their vehicles. 

The company, called Wicked Campervans, is being criticized for the various slogans that it has painted on the back of their minivans. Examples of such slogans range from the racist/homophobic “It’s better 2 Be Black than Gay, Cos U Dont have 2 Tell Your Parents...” to the misogynistic “A Wife: An Attachment You Screw On The Bed To Get The Housework Done.” 

The company has defended its slogans by claiming they are intended to be humorous, but the criticism has continued. The company has also been operating with the same painted vans for several years now, as they were first publicly berated for their slogan “Save a whale, harpoon a Jap” that was discovered in 2008. 

Daily Life author Clem Bastow also wrote a piece regarding the company in February 2013, urging women to boycott it. 

After operating on a business model that includes renting vans adorned with these types of slogans for so many years, Wicked Campervans is unlikely to change now. Still, the increased backlash against them should at least let the company know that many do not find the things that they write to be funny.

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