'Kids Tease Me All The Time': Transgender Boy Bravely Shares His Story (Video)

“I am having a really hard time at school at the moment - kids tease me all of the time - they call me shim, gay girl and weirdo.”

These are the words of Milla Brown, a 9-year-old transgender boy who has made the decision to broadcast his gender transition to the world. By going public with his transition, he hopes to increase social tolerance of the transgender community and demonstrate to the world that his decision is not a choice.

“Being transgender is not a choice - trust me it's not a life you would choose for your child,” Milla’s mother Renee Fabish wrote in a recently published video. “All due to the lack of acceptance and constant bullying they are subjected to everyday, around half self harm or attempt suicide - we are not willing to let our child become part of those statistics.”

Milla, who was born a girl, has felt out of place in his female body for as long as he can remember. He wanted to dress as a boy from the moment he was old enough to pick out clothes. At just 2 years old, Milla started referring to himself as a boy. A few years later, he asked his mother if she had any medication that could turn him into a boy. When he learned about puberty, he told his mother he was terrified at the thought of growing breasts. He vowed to cut them off if he ever developed them.

Milla’s inner conflict began to take a toll on him as he aged. Although he was once a happy toddler, he grew increasingly depressed and reclusive as he felt more and more at odds with the gender assigned to him at birth.

“She started making comments like, ‘Why was I born like this?,' ‘I want to be a boy - not just look like one, I want to be a real boy,’” Fabish wrote. “I could see Milla slowly becoming withdrawn and depressed. She was going to bed in tears every night.”

Eventually, Milla’s parents took him to a psychiatrist. The doctor quickly diagnosed him with gender identity disorder and encouraged his parents to freely allow him to transition as he pleases.

“This is something that is in his genetic makeup it hasn't been caused or encouraged by our parenting,” Fabish wrote. “It is not something she was talked into and it is not something she can be talked out of…We have no doubt in our minds that Milla is fully invested in her plight to be recognized as a boy - the only thing that has changed for us is pronouns -  we support him wholeheartedly.”

To see Milla’s full story, check out this video:

Sources: MailOnline, YouTube / Photo Credit: Renee Fabish


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