Why was Donald Gartner Arrested Twice on Same Night?

Giving new meaning to the phrase "two-time loser," a Florida man -- you knew he had to be from Florida, right? -- found himself under arrest twice in the same night.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that on Sunday night police arrested Donald Gartner for criminal mischief for banging on a neighbor door's and breaking a porch light during a drunken stupor. Police say the 48-year-old admitted to drinking six beers and balancing that with six Oxycodone pills.

That's only the first half of Gartner's one-night rap sheet.

So Gartner was released from the Land O'Lakes jail on his own recognizance (and we use that term loosely here) after a few hours and went to the jail parking lot to wait for a ride home.

While in the parking lot he allegedly tried to break into two cars and was arrested again. At least he didn't have far to go this time.

Police learned their lesson and declined to release Gartner so easily. He's being held on $10,000 bail.

After his second arrest, Gartner reportedly said he hoped a deputy was "not mad at him for attempting to get into the cars."


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