Why Should You Care About Animal Testing?

There are a lot of reasons why every person should care about, and be involved in modernizing medical research.

First, fiscal conservatives should be concerned that resources are being wasted. Money for medical research is finite and most of it goes to animal models. These models are not predictive and in fact are misleading.

Second we have a limited number of scientists capable of performing medical research and these people’s education and training are being wasted. Herman Hesse in his book The Glass Bead Game discussed a society where all the best and brightest played a game called the glass bead game. Although nothing of note came from playing the game, the players and the game were held in high esteem by society. These minds were wasted.

Third, society is being bullied; not physically by the usual schoolyard variety of bullies but intellectually by bullies who make claims most people are not academically strong enough to challenge. Society is being bullied into acting according to the wishes of people unwilling to defend their actions in an open forum such as a debate on a college campus complete with the college’s security force.

Fourth, people are actively being harmed because results from animal models are being extrapolated to humans. The action of a drug in mice is irrelevant to its efficacy and toxicity in humans. The National Cancer Institute has gone on record saying that in their opinion cures for cancer have been lost because results from rodents were believed.

Last but not least people are suffering and dying because research options that are human-based are not funded. This animal-based research harms people both directly and indirectly.

In summary, you should be infuriated!

What other reasons can you think of?


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